Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Post Post

As an addendum to this blog's debut post (Here Goes) the Republican Party's open contempt for working people was put on display again by one of Wisconsin's legislators on the March 3rd edition of MSNBC's Last Word program hosted by Lawrence O'Donnell. Check out Republican State Senator Glenn Grothman's derisive belittlement of his own constituents' struggle to make their voices heard in what they have been led to believe by their grade school civics classes is their State Capitol building. (No wonder Republicans are so upset with public school teachers.) Senator Grothman is rapidly establishing a major presence in this humble blogger's pantheon of those right-wing demigods whose every word and action just can't help but publicly display the Republican sense of entitlement to and outright ownership of the organs of government. How dare these teachers, firefighters, cops, snow plow drivers and garbagemen -- these commoners -- camp out on the polished marble flooring between the proud portico of the state capitol building and his carpeted, oak-paneled office? (Okay, okay I don't know what his office looks like or what the building's flooring actually is. Just think of the building materials cited as metaphors for the decorum and gravitas we, the people, like to invest in our public institutions.) It's a long clip, about fourteen minutes in all and the whole thing is very revealing and important but the GOP patrician disgust at the little people starts around 6:55 or so. Anyway, give a lookie.

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